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Move from the Traditional Classroom to a Virtual Learning Management System for Higher Education

Enhance student engagement, avoid interruptions and increase global reach

Our hassle-free online post-secondary education solution allows institutions to generate new revenue streams, improve access, and change the way education is being delivered

    • Provide real-time access to information
    • All course materials are stored in one simple to use online platform
    • Virtual webinars are stored for future use
    • Adapt to different learning styles
    • Students can go at their own pace
    • Increase global reach
    • Engage with the learners around the world
    • Provide students with easier access to instructors
    • Enhance face-to-face classroom experience by engaging students in live lectures
    • Tailor learning experience real-time
    • Enhance technical and software proficiency
    • Improve virtual communication and collaboration
    • Create engaging experience online as in the classroom
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Seamlessly pivot through crisis to ensure your classes are not interrupted

What to consider when choosing e-learning platform for post secondary institutions?

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    Custom Learning Experience
    • Does your institution use online webinars or LMS Courses?
    • Our e-learning solution for universities provides both course types on one single platform.
    • Student Engagement and Success.
    • Online Platform that enhances student engagement through virtual tools such as white-board, emoji, public and private chats. Students get immediate feedback from the instructors via online quizzes.
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    Data Protection, Privacy and Security
    • At Edusity, we take your security seriously. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in security privacy and setup multiple security measures.
    • We ensure only registered users can join the webinars and offer additional measures such as Two-Factor Authentication.
    • We provide code and server level security. Our software is proprietary and custom-built. Your data is stored in the secure storage servers located in Canada.
    • Secure Payment: We do not store credit card information in transit. It is sent securely to the payment processor.
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    Highly customizable, white label solution
    • Imagine Virtual Classroom with your Institution Logo on it.
    • Here at Edusity, we create virtual learning platform to fit your needs.
    • Easy Integration with your existing applications.
    • Scale up your business growth without scaling the business.
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    Ongoing Customer Support
    • We provide on-going support every step of the way, through all stages of implementation.

Of US College Students Find Digital Learning Technologies "Extremely Helpful".


of students use mobile devices to finish online course tasks.


of students chose online degree programs in 2018 due to other commitments making it difficult to attend class on campus.

Here’s what you get with Edusity Post-Secondary Solution

Get everything in one place

  • Edusity provides you with all the tools to ensure seamless content delivery.
  • We offer virtual classroom solution with webcam capability that allows real classroom look and feel.
  • We also offer LMS courses for self-paced work.

Instruct & communicate efficiently

  • Use our Whiteboard to write notes, upload documents and allow students on-screen download.
  • Add notes, comments and illustrations on an existing file.
  • Use geometric shapes to help teach mathematics courses.
  • Share your own screen and any existing application you are running.

Reduce operational costs significantly

  • Our platform helps to reduce cost of teaching and learning with our flexible and highly scalable white label solution..
  • We provide cost effective customization to fit your needs.
  • Cut back on operational costs such as printing - students can instantly download presentations and documents off the screen real-time or access them on our platform.
  • Make online resources more accessible to students at no additional cost.

What Clients Say

“Future Black Female creates opportunities for Black female youth to fully participate in every aspect of society. Edusity was on-board with our mission and purpose from the moment we were introduced. Their platform supports the delivery of our program events to maximize participation and participant voice.”


“Tutor Doctor knows that students face challenges and learn to overcome them with hard work and determination. Edusity showed us our own values by dedicating themselves to our business with a determination to meet the unique demands of virtual tutoring.”


Cyber Host Education needed a platform partner that understood exactly what was required to bring instructors and students together with the highest degree of interactivity. Edusity is that partner for our company.


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