Empower Minds, Teach For Free

Unlock the power of education by becoming a part of our community of dedicated instructors. Our platform provides a space for you to share your expertise, inspire others, and make a meaningful impact — ALL FOR FREE.

Instructor Benefits

Unlocking Rewards - Edusity empowers you to excel in your role as an educator

You Teach, Our Platform

Share your expertise with learners, build a diverse network with complimentary resources

Teach for Free

Make knowledge accessible to all and foster a sense of personal fulfillment

Go Multilingual

Break down language barriers where individuals can learn in their preferred language

Intellectual Property

You retain complete ownership of your course and materials that you create

Teach for Free

Onboarding, training courses on new products or methodology, remote worker meetings.

No Start-Up Costs

The LMS is free to use. All you need is your time, talent, and content to start teaching.

Ease of Use

Easy process to get started teaching, launch your courses and engage with learners from day one

No Payment Thresholds

No usage fees for the LMS or to teach and hold webinars, you control your course pricing

Choose Your Currency

Make extra money from your expertise and get paid in your currency

Free To Start, Simple To Scale

Start teaching, training, and growing your business. Upgrade to add more features as your needs change.

The Edusity Instructor Toolkit: Your Design, Your Course, Your Pedagogy

Have you created a self-study course? Do you live for live instruction? A mix of both? The Edusity platform is here to help you mix it up for all learning styles.


Pre-Recorded Video

Pre-recorded videos give students the flexibility they need to start, stop and replay as often as they need to process course material.


Slide Shows

Upload your learning materials and slide shows


Articles and Resources

Upload your original resources.


Live Webinars

Connect with a global audience in live sessions


Quizzes & Exams

Learners test their knowledge with quizzes and exams


Distribute Certificates

Learners can download and print completion certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Any revenue you generate is your own, we don't charge a fee when using our free version.

Yes! The course and the resources you create remain your intellectual property.

Yes! Edusity and its teaching and learning tools are 100% compliant with WCAG, ADA and AODA guidelines and legislation.

You receive payment in your currency, monthly. You set the costs for your courses.

Yes! Pre-recorded videos give students the flexibility they need to start, stop and replay as often as they need to process course material. Upload your MP4 videos to Edusity.

Yes! Let your students see and hear you with live webinars. Conduct demos, collaborate, and share with students in synchronous learning sessions using the Edusity webinar feature.

Yes! Upload your PowerPoint presentations to Edusity to share ideas and concepts with learners.

Yes, but only if they are your original material. Upload your ebooks, PDFs, and other documents. It is a copyright violation to use materials from sources that have not given you explicit permission.

Yes! Create quizzes and exams using a variety of question types. Set passing levels, point values, and use auto-grading tools.

Yes! Create customized completion certificates for students to download.