Virtual Classroom Features

Customized E-learning features for all the learning needs of your organization

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Edusity’s fully integrated features eliminate the need
to use multiple softwares

Edusity provides an online course platform and learning management system that lets you create self-paced courses, host live classes, and interact with students or trainees. Our features give you a better virtual classroom experience.

White Label

Customizable educational platform with your logo and colours to match your brand.

Interactive Whiteboard

Draw, write, add text and interact with students simultaneously in real-time.

Interactive Learning

Upload presentations, use our polls, shared notes, shared screen and share webcam features. Students can virtually raise hands, give thumbs up and down, and more reactions.

Online & Tutorial Courses

Choose between having live webinar courses or self-paced courses.

Unlimited Class Size

Bring the lecture hall experience online while everyone joins from the comfort of their home.

Online Payment Gateways

Secure online payment options. We support gateways like PayTm, Payumoney, PayPal, Stripe, and others.

Public Chat

Allows to communicate with the learners while conducting online sessions publicly

Private Chat

Initiate a conversation to the specific individual while taking virtual classes.

Privacy & Security

All the data and information are maintained with utmost security & privacy.


Manage the control of your courses with age restrictions for access.

The Perfect Easy-To-Use White Label Virtual Classroom

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