1How to register

On www.edusity.com, click on “Sign Up” on the top right corner of the page. Then select the “Register” tab as shown in the image.

Fill out all the required information. Select “Register as Instructor”. Agree to the Terms of Agreement then “Register”.

You will receive an email with an “Activation Link”. Once you click on that, you can access your account to update your profile and start creating courses.

2How to create a course

From your Instructor Dashboard, select Course, then “Add New”.


Then the following screen appears. Follow the steps on screen to create your course.


Add the course details.


Select the duration and course time.


Set Registration Duration dates. Set the price for the course in “Course Amounts”, then click “Publish” to make your course live.

3How to start a webinar

Go to the Webinar icon on the left side of the window as shown and select “Future Course Webinar”.


Click on the “Join” icon as shown in the image. A webinar can only be started by a Instructor and then students join in. Now your webinar should be up and running.

4How to interact with students during live webinars

Once your webinar is up and running, you can interact with your students in different ways.


Our public chat, private chat with individual students, polls, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing and webcam sharing all make it easy to interact with your students. All are integrated into one screen and easy to access.

5How to create a test

Go to the “Future Webinar” list, select the “question mark” [?] icon to prepare your test that students can complete after the webinar.


Choose from one of our three question types. You can add as many questions as you need.

6How to delete a course

Under “Action” select the garbage can icon to delete a course. You can only delete a course that has 0 students enrolled in it.


Are you sure want to delete this record?

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