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First In Person Event
Friends of Africa Economic Summit 2021

  • Working with Philanthropy

    On October 1-2, Edusity got to leave the house and see people at the Friends of Africa Economic Summit! After 18 months of pandemic restrictions, it was so refreshing. Jofin Lorance, left, is a data analytics, monitoring and evaluations specialist in the philanthropic and non-profit sector. Puneet Rai, middle, is Edusity’s Sales Manager and Darshit Patel is our Head of Operations.

  • Respecting Successes

    Speakers and dignitaries at the Friends of Africa Event included the Honourable Mrs. Jean Augustine in the middle of the first row wearing the orange dress. Mrs. Augustine was the first African-Canadian woman to be elected to Canada’s House of Commons as the Member of Parliament from the Greater Toronto Area constituency of Etobicoke-Lakeshore whom she served for four terms.

  • Meeting and Greeting

    Darshit, Puneet and Kate Baggott, Head of Content and Communications, introduced Edusity to attendees both in-person and online at the hybrid conference.

  • The Feature Board

    The time to create and show off materials that explain Edusity’s role in online education is finally here! This feature board is our first presentation piece. Visitors to our booth also got an Edusity mask, a pen, an info card about our platform. We hope the souvenirs will help them remember us fondly.

  • Leadership

    Jacqueline Kiwanuka, pictured with Puneet, is a leader in the black community and in the pan-African business community. Her international life and vast cultural competency has called her to serve as a policy and issues advisor with the government of Ontario.

  • Investing in Each Other

    Cheryl Bedard of Bedard Associates has insights about investing in Africa and helps African-Canadian companies prepare to reach the next level.

  • Powerful

    Puneet picked up a few investment tips from Cheryl while highlighting how Edusity participates in global education.

  • Open for Business

    Monika Singh is the business development manager for the Casa Foundation, the organization behind the Friends of Africa Economic Summit. She has been working with us to support small businesses as global trade recovers.

  • The Founder Dr. Olutoyin Oyelade

    The woman in front row in the red jacket is the spark who lit up Friends of Africa for the first time eleven years ago. While 2021 may have been Edusity’s first summit, we hope Dr. Olutoyin Oyelade and her team will have us back next year.