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Our PHP online courses are designed for experienced learners to further their skills. Learn how to use PHP with MySQL database and when to use CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, or CakePHP for your framework. You will also learn the hard skills needed to build web applications.



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    Would you like to become an expert in using PHP and MySQL? Join now to learn PHP online and how to create web applications using PHP and MySQL. PHP can be paired with HTML and databases to help build dynamic web applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you learn PHP online, you need to be knowledgeable in HTML. Knowing how to work with MySQL, Javascript and CSS also help you improve your PHP programming skills. Basic but efficient coding habits and knowledge will also be beneficial in keeping track of what you are doing in your projects. PHP online courses build upon prior knowledge to build better websites and applications.

There are different versions of PHP. The latest version is PHP 7 that was upgraded from PHP 5.6. The difference is that PHP 7 uses a new engine called PHP-NG (Next Generation). This new engine allows the codes you create to run much faster in PHP 7 than in PHP 5.6.

PHP is a server-side language used in the creation of websites and certain features. PHP can be used to develop features that collect user information or allows users to enter information into a website. PHP allows you to edit, and create cookies. It is also used to create static and dynamic websites.

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