NodeJS: One of the biggest app building platforms

Whether you are experienced in NodeJS or a newbie, our courses are suited to all skill levels. NodeJS can be used in back-end APIs, real-time web applications, and uses JavaScript as the main language to build web apps.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js is a server environment used to develop network applications. It can be used to execute codes and functions without waiting for any API to return some data. Node.js is built using Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js development requires knowledge of Javascript programming language. Like many other developing languages, node.js also requires knowledge of HTML and CSS. You must also be fluent in using commands online.

Learning Node.js will allow you to create and develop projects and applications beyond a web browser. These projects and applications will run faster and be more powerful. Node.js uses Javascript both on the front-end for users and the back-end on the server side.

Node.js supports front-end development and back-end development using Javascript language.

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