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Our Angular online courses provide real-life examples, hands-on activities and techniques. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you can choose from our instructor-led courses or tutorial type courses. Learn Angular from an instructor anywhere in the world.



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    Set yourself apart with AngularJS, Angular with .NET Core API, and more courses. Learn how to work with the most updated Angular applications to create complex, responsive web applications. Our instructors provide detailed, step-by-step tutorials and live webinar sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Angular is a platform that developers use to build applications for mobiles and the web. It is an open source, JavaScript framework. With many built in features, you are able to create complex applications that might require data binding, animations and more. Angular helps guide you in writing your code into the framework using built in templates.

Upon completion of an angular online course, you will:

  • Learn Typescript which is a subset of JavaScript
  • Become more proficient in using the Angular framework and its built in features
  • Improve your HTML and CSS skills
  • Some advantages of AngularJS framework are:

  • Creating single-page applications that are easy to maintain
  • More functionality with short code
  • Data binding capabilities
  • Using HTML and JavaScript
  • Data binding is connecting the information users can view and the model. One-way binding means the view is not updated every time the model is changed. There needs to be specific codes to update the view since it is not automatically updated. Data only binds in one direction.

    In two-way binding, the update is automatic. Changes made to the view will update the model and the model will automatically update the view. AngularJS uses two-way binding.

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