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Motion graphics bring life to static graphic designs. Learn how to make logos move, or how to make a graph move up and down, or how to make text look animated. Motion graphics do not tell a story like other kinds of animation, it simply adds flair and visual appeal to static graphic designs used in businesses and presentations.



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    Whether this is your first time learning about motion graphics or you are looking to improve your skills, Edusity has a motion graphics course for you. Learn how to use Adobe After Effects to create graphics for corporate-level designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motion graphics is a type of animation that adds movement to graphic designs. The animation is created using visual effects, and cinematic techniques. Motion graphics include animations like making parts of a logo move, making parts of a graph move, or making static text move.

You can learn motion graphics with Edusity’s online motion graphics courses. You can always take a course or program in person at college but online motion graphics courses are more flexible if you already have a busy schedule.

Motion graphics are important in taking your business forward. Investing in a motion graphics artist to customize your online logo and graphics. Motion graphics can be used to visually represent complex ideas and also appeals to a wide audience. Broadcasting messages, describing products, or advertising a company are all made better with motion graphics.

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