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    Create 3D objects and characters while learning to use 3D animation software. Animate 3D objects and characters to make movies, cartoons, and video games. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your skills some more, Edusity’s step-by-step tutorials and 3D animation courses are the right choices for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D animation is the process of animating images, objects and models. Moving these objects and images require many steps and techniques. Animators sometimes need to research the movements and motions that certain characters have to show so that they can accurately represent it. 3D animation can be divided into a few different steps: modeling, layout, animation, and rendering. Animators first need a model of what they need to create. The next step is to set up the layout of the scene, position of the object or character they are working with, then they animate it. The last step of rendering is the output of the end result. There are many different softwares out there that are used for 3D animation.

There are many different software used for 3D animation projects. Some of them are Maya, Daz3D, Blender, Cinema 4D and MIxamo.

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