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In this digital age, we can access many things from anywhere. It is no different for yoga classes. You can explore different yoga methods, positions, the meaning of different poses, yoga therapy, breathing techniques, meditation and more. Yoga classes are designed to give individuals the background knowledge to understand the purpose behind yoga.



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    Enroll in one of our online yoga classes to start a journey of self-improvement and learning about the origins of Yoga. Become one with yourself, free your mind of all the noises and focus on yourself and the movements you are practicing. Our online yoga programs are designed for beginners and intermediate individuals that want more intense sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The word “Yoga” quite literally means union and comes from the Sanskrit word yuj. Yoga calls for concentration, focus, and relieving oneself of all the ideas they hold. It is a state of becoming one with yourself and the universe through motions, and exercise.

Yes! You can still do yoga even if you are not flexible. Flexibility improves with practice. It is best to start with the beginners courses and move your way up as you become better at it.

Practicing yoga at home with online yoga classes means all you need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothes. Yoga in a studio means you need a bit more. A yoga mat, a towel, and comfortable clothing like yoga leggings and a comfortable top.

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