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Learn how to design and maintain software that is secure and efficient. An important part of software design is making sure it is safe, bug-free, and protected against cyber-attacks. Learn how to test the software you design and ensure they are bug-free and won’t crash easily.



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    Testing software comes in different levels. There are high demands for software testers in the IT industry. Enroll in a software testing course today to further your career in software testing and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Software testing is the process of evaluating a software product to determine if there are any defects between what was developed and what was expected. Every software developed is at risk of crashing or having some defects or being susceptible to cyber-attacks. This is why they need to be tested to make sure that the final product is perfect for use by the intended audience.

Depending on the level of the course set by instructors, eligibility varies. If the course is specifically for beginners, anyone interested in becoming a software tester can enrol and start learning. If it is an intermediate level or advanced level course, then some prior knowledge and experience with programming languages and software development would be necessary.

Software developers, quality assurance technicians, performance testers, test engineers and quality assurance analysts are just some of the professionals that conduct software testing.

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