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Study the effects of motion and forces on physical structures. Learn about the many subtopics such as kinematics, thermodynamics, hydraulics, dynamics, and more. Engineering mechanics is all about designing structures as best as possible while taking all practical limitations, constraints, and materials available into consideration.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Engineering mechanics is the application of physics, mechanics, and engineering skills. These skills are used to design, build, and maintain mechanical systems. It involves many different areas of material science, kinematics, thermodynamics, electricity and more.

We study engineering mechanics so that we can understand how force and motion affect different engineering designs. These designs can be machines, buildings and more. Students in the mechanical engineering field need to learn and understand how to visualize the design they want to bring to life in terms of real materials, constraints and limitations. Being able to visualize problems with engineering structures is key in solving those problems and making the best structural design possible.

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