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Finite element analysis (FEA) simulates the behaviour of engineering designs or physics problems and uses mathematical methods to solve these problems.



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    Using FEA helps to optimize designs without building physical prototypes, and helps determine stresses or defects on the designs. FEA uses the finite element method (FEM) to virtually create images and tests for thermal, structural, and electromagnetic problems and find solutions to these problems without physical prototypes. Enroll in Edusity’s FEA online courses today to start learning and building your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finite element analysis or FEA is a mathematical way to model the stresses that an engineering design might have to endure and to see how much it could endure. Any physics problems that can be modelled mathematically can be put through FEA to help solve it.

FEA is used for analyses that cannot be physically carried out. Further objectives of using FEA include predicting the performance or behaviour of a certain design, figuring out how safe the design is and if there are any defects or weaknesses in the design that should be fixed. The bottom line is that FEA is used to determine the most optimal design.

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