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Aerodynamics courses focus on studying airflow around a body or object. These bodies can be planes, cars, other automobiles, boats, and even birds. Learn about the concepts of aerodynamics such as the forces of flight, and how aircraft or other vehicles are designed to make the best out of aerodynamics.



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    Join one of Edusity’s online aerodynamic courses today and further your knowledge of the field. With lectures and tutorials from industry experts, you can learn all about drag, thrust, weight, and lift. You even learn how aerodynamics contributes to the sleek and efficient designs of aircraft, automobiles, boats, and even birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerodynamics involves studying the way air moves around objects and how they react to air flowing around them. Aerodynamics focuses on forces of flight such as drag, lift, and thrust. These forces are important in understanding how planes fly. In regards to cars, aerodynamics is taken into consideration when designing them because it has an effect on fuel consumption, and speed. One of the main focuses in aerodynamics is aerodynamic drag and how to reduce it or overcome it. The drag causes inefficiency because it takes more energy to overcome it. Aerodynamics is important in the design and function of planes, cars, and even parachutes.

Aerodynamics is important in understanding how to build the best and most efficient aircrafts. You don’t want to design an aircraft that won’t lift off from the ground nor do you want an aircraft that will require too much power to fly once in the air. The automobiles you drive today are also designed with aerodynamics in mind so that the speed and fuel consumption are efficient for customers. The study of aerodynamics will continue to grow and be in demand as the world of modern aircrafts, automobiles and technology continue to develop.

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