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Discover and improve your abilities in drawing the human figure. Start with different body parts and poses then move on to drawing the whole body. Incorporate proportions, anatomy, balance, and more, and soon you will be drawing figures with ease. These courses help you learn how to draw dynamic poses and expressions on your figures.



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    Develop Your Figure Drawing Skills Today

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, our online figure drawing courses are available for all levels. Enroll today to begin learning how to create figures or improve upon your figure drawing skills to create better characters and drawings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our teachers are experienced art teachers and professionals in the fine arts.

Our figure drawing courses are for both beginners and advanced students. If you are a beginner, the beginner courses will help you discover all the basics of figure drawing. If you are a more advanced student then you will find courses that help you strengthen your skills and learn more advanced techniques.

Course videos are available in the language that the instructor has set. You should be able to see what language the course is being taught in from the Course Overview page.

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