Learn to Paint with Acrylics

Acrylic painting can be fun and complex but the end result is an amazing work of art that everyone can admire. Learn the techniques necessary to mix the right colours you need, brush strokes to achieve certain silhouettes, pigments, how to get your acrylic paintings to dry faster, the blending techniques to achieve a smooth finish overall, and more.



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    Ignite and Master your Passion for Acrylic Painting

    Whether you are a beginner or master in painting, these online acrylic painting courses will always serve you well. Not only will you learn new skills and techniques, but you can always refer back to what you learned for reference later on. Our courses are instructor-led, have step by step tutorials, or are self-paced that you can choose from. Join now and start learning how to paint with acrylics.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different painting courses to choose from because there are different types of paint mediums that can be used for painting. The different types of mediums allow you to create different textures and finishes. Different paint mediums need to be handled in different ways therefore there are different courses that will cover each type of medium.

Acrylic paints are soluble in water and are fast drying. They are pigments dissolved in an acrylic polymer mixture. When you paint with acrylics, depending on how much water you dilute it with, the thickness or thinness of the paint causes the finished product to look like an oil painting, or a watercolor painting, or it ends up having its own unique look.

The language the courses are taught in is shown on the course overview page. Most of our courses are currently being taught in English.

Since the courses are listed at different levels, it does not matter whether you’re a beginner or more experienced with acrylics. You will find a course that suits your needs.

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