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Do you love arts and crafts? Then you will love our new arts & crafts tutorials and classes. Enjoy new ways to make crafting fun, functional and easy. Learn how to repurposed household items for functional crafts. Combine arts & crafts to make beautiful decor for your home, classroom, or office. Explore different crafting techniques such as macrame, jewelry making, crocheting and more.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Art classes are worth it if you learn something new that you can use when creating your own artwork. Art classes cannot improve your skill. They give you the tools, resources and knowledge you need to practice on your own and improve your skills. Once you see the improvement in your work, then you’ll see that the classes were worth it.

An art2 & crafts class that suits your needs is the best class for you. If you are looking to start crafting then a beginner’s level crafting course is best. A course on the fundamentals of crafting is great for any beginner who wants to learn arts & crafts. Choose the course that best fits your needs.

The classes can be livestreamed webinars or pre-recorded sessions. Once you purchase the course, you will find out how the course material is presented to you.

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