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Before you can even start mixing chemicals you need to learn the theory behind it all. Learn how to identify the different chemical properties, different kinds of chemicals, structure, chemical equations, reactions, and more. Chemistry is in our biology, our foods, and our daily lives in many different ways.



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    Take an introductory course into the world of chemistry or further your chemistry knowledge with a variety of online chemistry courses. Enroll today to start your journey into the fascinating world of chemistry. Choose from beginners, advanced, and prep courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chemistry is usually defined as the study of matter. We study what makes up matter, how it changes, why it changes, and all other properties of matter. Studying chemistry starts with studying atoms, how they form compounds, how compounds interact with each other and are transformed or create new compounds. Chemistry is not just about what goes on in a lab, but it involves research in different areas such as quantum chemistry, thermo-chemistry, organic chemistry and more.

Online chemistry courses are for anyone that wishes to learn about chemistry, further their knowledge about chemistry, brush up on some chemistry concerts before a new job or new degree program, or even someone looking for a prep course. You can choose from a variety of courses and see which one best suits your needs.

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