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Approx 9 Hours To Complete The Basics In Organic Chemistry - Bonding Molecules in English Language

If you love Organic Chemistry or you have thought about studying Chemistry further, ENROLL in this course to help you learn and understand the Organic Chemistry basics very easily.

• In this Course we will cover the following topics:
• Bonding & Molecular Structure
• Families of Carbon Compounds - Functional Groups
• Physical Properties and Molecular Structure
• Organic Reactions and Their Mechanisms Acids and Bases
• Alkanes & Cycloalkanes
• Nomenclature of Alkanes.


    Students should be Know the basics of General Chemistry.


    Q: Is it cover all the topics of Organic Chemistry?

    A: Yes, you will get the overview of all the topics of Organic Chemistry.

    Q. Why Organic Chemistry Is Important

    A. Organic chemistry is important because it is the study of life and all of the chemical reactions related to life. Organic Chemistry has an impact in the improvement of basic family unit synthetic compounds, nourishment, plastics, medications, and fills the vast majority of the synthetic compounds part of day-by-day life.

What you will learn

  • Introduction To Organic Chemistry

  • Atomic Structure - The Nucleus

  • Atomic Structure - Orbitals

  • Atomic Structure - Electron Configurations

  • Development Of Chemical Bonding Theory

  • Describing Chemical Bonds - Valence Bond Theory

  • Sp³ Hybrid Orbitals And The Structure Of Methane

  • Sp³ Hybrid Orbitals And The Structure Of Ethane

  • Sp² Hybrid Orbitals And The Structure Of Ethylene

  • Sp Hybrid Orbitals And The Structure Of Acetylene

  • Hybridization Of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus And Sulfur

  • Describing Chemical Bonds- Molecular Orbital Theory

  • Drawing Chemical Structures

  • Structure And Bonding (Summary)

  • What Types Of Bonds Do Organic Molecules Contain?

  • What Is The Structure Of Organic Compounds?

  • What Type Of Basic Bonds Are Used In Organic Chemistry?

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  • Duration 9 hours
  • Skill level 1
  • Language English
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Skills You Will Acquire

  • chemical equation
  • Biochemistry