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Approx 29 Hours To Complete Learn PHP Fundamentals in Hindi Language

PHP is as yet one most well-known server-side languages used to build dynamic sites, powering everything from Facebook to Wikipedia. This course was intended to change that by showing you PHP through a progression of clear, centered, and simple to-follow exercises. PHP is a server scripting language utilized for making dynamic site pages. That implies PHP permits you to utilize contents on a web server to create a reaction tweaked for every customer's (user's) demand.


    - Some HTML is needed for this course

    - A Computer and a desire to learn


    Q: Who this course is for?

    A: Anyone with basic knowledge of programming and HTML.

    Q: What is the main difference between PHP4 and PHP5?

    A: PHP4 uses Zend Engine 1 and not support the OOPs concept, while PHP5 supports the OOPs concept and uses Zend Engine 2.

    Q: Is PHP a case sensitive language?

    A: Not fully. PHP is partly a case-sensitive language where the variable names are case-sensitive but function names are not.

What you will learn

  • Create Dynamic Websites Using Php

  • Create Database Using PhpMyAdmin

  • Interact With The Database Using PHP

  • Implement Sessions And Cookies

  • Handle Files With PHP

  • Build CMS Using Php And MySql

About the instructor

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  • Kajal Jain

    Skills :Arts & Crafts,Web Development,Comprehensive Exams

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 6
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 29 hours
  • Skill level 2
  • Language Hindi
  • Assessments Yes

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Web Development
  • php
  • Advance PHP