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Approx 7 Hours To Complete Learn PHP And WordPress in English Language

Do you want to create dynamic websites with databases? The program, designed for beginners by VTechLabs in Vadodara, is now available online in partnership with Edusity. No previous knowledge of Php or MySQL is required. Typically, PHP + MySQL forms the basis of an effective back-end storage system. After our course, students will be able to create and use databases and tables on their web sites.


    Should have Basic Programming Language

    Knowledge of MySQL database


    Q. What this course is about?

    A: In this course, you will learn advanced PHP and WordPress.

    Q. How long does it take to master?

    A: 7 hours.


    1) Module 1 [Fundamentals] :-


    Software Engineering

    Basics of Designing

    Web Programming

    2) Module 2 [Learning The Language] :-

    Introduction to PHP

    PHP with Web Design

    PHP Syntax

    Variables in PHP


    PHP Operators

    Conditions, Events, and Flows


    PHP Functions

    PHP Arrays

    String Functions

    Date And Time Functions

    PHP Include File

    HTTP Protocol

    Header Function

    Forms And User Input


    PHP & MySQL

    MySQL Database and Queries

    Connection to MySQL Database

    Creating database and Tables in MySQL

    Form Validation

    PHP $_Get

    PHP $_Post

    3) Module 3 [Html]

    4) Module 4 [Applicability To Industry Standards] :-

    OOPS Concepts

    File System and the Server

    String Manipulation and Regular


    PHP Sessions and Cookies

    5) Module 5 [CSS] :-

    MySQL Data Types

    Database Terminology

    PHP MySQL Insert into

    PHP MySQL Select

    PHP MySQL Where Clause

    PHP MySQL Order By Keyword

    Difference Between Group By and Order By Joins

    PHP MySQL Update

    PHP MySQL Delete Form


    Introduction to HTML

    HTML Elements

    HTML Tags

    HTML Anchor Tag


    HTML List

    HTML Table

    HTML Form

    HTML Events

    Div And Span

    CSS Selector

    Applying CSS

    Margins and Padding

    CSS Background

    CSS Classes and ID

    CSS Pseudo-Classes (Internal, External, Inline)

    6) Module 6 [Applicability To Industrial Projects] :-

    Web Services

    Payment Gateway

    7) Module 7 [Content Management System] :-





    Syllabus For WordPress:-

    WordPress Admin Management

    Blog Management

    Page Management

    Menu Management

    Widget Management

    Theme Development

What you will learn

  • Core PHP

About the instructor

alok ray
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  • Alok Ray

    PROJECT LEADER of Webmyne Systems Pvt Ltd

    Qualification : MCA, B.Sc


    Skills :Web Development

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 7
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Skill level ForAll
  • Language English

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Advance PHP
  • WordPress
  • PHP Tutorial