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Approx 153 Hours To Complete Ms Dynamics Crm in English Language

Learn ms crm dynamics online that covers all the important topics and subjects.
Gain some knowledge to know the concepts of customization and administration and also Know how to decide which business process option to choose from of the various available ones, and when.


    Students should have basic computer skills.


    Q. Who this course is for?

    A. who want to get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Q. What you will learn here?

    A. You will get an idea about to create new entities that store various details for your business and build forms to ease up data management for users of the CRM


    Course Outline

    Module 1: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

    What is CRM?

    How to Access CRM?

    How to Activate 30 days CRM online trial version

    Difference between CRM Online and CRM on-premise Version

    Three Modules in CRM - Sales, Marketing, and Services

    CRM Records:

    Owner of the record

    Status of the record


    Assigning and sharing Record

    Views -System Views and Personal View

    Editable Grid

    Search and Advanced find search

    MS Dynamics CRM Architecture

    Setting Personal Options

    Module 2: Customizing Entities and Forms

    MS CRM Entity Model

    Customization Concepts â€" Entity Types and Attributes Data Type

    Creating Custom Entities, Attributes and main form and Global Option Set

    Form Customization Overview.

    Create and Modify Forms.

    Types of Forms in CRM -

    Quick Create Form

    Quick View Form

    Mobile form

    Create and manage Multiple Main Form

    Role-based Form

    Module 3: Managing Relationships

    Types of Entity Relationships

    Relationship Behaviours

    Creating Entity Relationships

    Module 4: Solution Concepts

    Default Solution

    Managed Solution

    Unmanaged Solution

    Managed Properties

    Module 5: Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Introduction to Business Unit



    Security Model in CRM â€"

    Role-Based Security, Access rights and Privileges

    Record Level Security

    Field Level Security

    Auditing Overview

    Module 6: Introduction to Sales Management

    Sales Life Cycle

    Convert Activity Records to Leads

    Qualifying and Disqualifying Leads

    Create Opportunities and Work with Opportunity Forms and records

    Adding Line Items (Opportunity Products) to Opportunities

    Quote Management

    Working with Order

    Working with Invoices

    Create, Maintain, and Use Sales Literature

    Module 7: Working with the Product Catalog

    Unit Group and configure Unit

    Adding and Maintaining Products

    Price List and associate price list with Product

    Discount List

    Product Family,

    Product and Product Bundle configuration

    Module 8: Introduction to Marketing Management

    Marketing Life Cycle:

    Campaign and Quick Campaign,

    Marketing list- Static and Dynamics Marketing list

    Campaign Activity

    Campaign Response

    Module 9: Introduction to Service Management

    Overview of the service module

    Service Management & Service Scheduling

    Case Entity

    Routing Rules

    Queue Management

    Private Queue & Public Queue

    Add case to a queue based on the routing rule

    SLA (Service Level Agreements)

    Type OF SLA

    Standard SLA & Enhanced SLA

    Using a business scenario to implement SLA


    Create an entitlement: From Template & from scratch

    Define Entitlement Terms

    Associate entitlements to cases

    Using business scenario to implement Entitlement

    Using Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Entitlement

    Knowledge Base Article: (a) Directly create ( b) Create from Template

    Creating Subject for knowledge-based Article

    Module 10: Reports

    Running Built-in Reports

    Creating and updating Report in CRM

    Grouping, Sorting, and Exporting Reports

    Module 11: View, Charts, and Dashboard


    Personal View & System View


    Personal Chart & System Chart


    Personal Dashboard & System Dashboard

    Module 12: Email Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    ? Email Template

    ? Configure Email

    ? Folder level tracking

    Module 13: Configuring Business Rules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    ? Configure Business Rules

    Module 14: Implementing Business Processes

    Overview of Business Process Flow

    Creating Business Process Flow with condition

    Overview of Workflow

    Creating Workflows through Workflow Designer

    Overview of Dialogs

    Creating Dialog Pages, Prompt and Response

    Working with Input Parameters in Dialogs

    Module 15: Plugins

    Overview of Plug-ins

    The Event Execution Pipeline

    Deploying Plugins

    Debugging Plugins

    Module 16: Application Event Programming

    Client-side scripting using JavaScript

    Working with IFrames

    Working with Web Resources

    Module 17: Data management

    Duplication Detection Settings and Rules

    Bulk Record Deletion

    Data Maps and Data Imports

    Module 18: Ribbon Customization

    Creating & Hiding Ribbon Elements

    Enabling & Disabling Ribbon Elements

    Working with Site Maps

What you will learn

Comming soon..

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