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Approx 1 Hours To Complete Matlab Code For Simply Supported Beam Carrying Uniformly Distributed Load Analytical Solution in English Language

This video gives the basic idea to solve the Shear force and bending Moment for a beam using hand solution and also on Matlab. This encourages the students to see the figure plot of SFD and BMD by Matlab command and how they made with hand.


    This video lecture is very important to understand the basic of shear force and bending moment diagram.

    Matlab software should be installed so as to practice the coding. This code is very basic to understand the Matlab programming and structural engineering.


    The students are very much interested in drawing Shear force and Bending Moment diagram but they want to visualise the plot/figure. This video encourages to see the figure of SFD and BMD by writing a simple analytical code on Matlab.

What you will learn

  • Matlab Code For Simply Supported Beam Carrying Uniformly Distributed Load (Analytical Solution)

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