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Approx 8 Hours To Complete Learn Basic Yoga Online in English Language

In this course, you will learn yoga online for beginners. I believe in practicing yoga in a flow, not by isolating the asanas, my method of teaching would include telling the name and benefits of the exercise, possible alternatives in case one needs, covering the whole body and keeping a track of breathing


    • Open space

    • Yoga mat

    • Willingness to apply Yogic knowledge into regular practice


    Q. When yoga session will hold?

    A: On the weekends

    Q: What time of the yoga session?

    A: Preferably in the evening time on the weekend.

    Q: Is yoga is a healthy start?

    A: Yes, it’s the best way to have a healthy life.

Comming soon..

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  • Paridhi Singhal

    Skills :Fitness,Personal Well Being

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