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Approx 3 Hours To Complete How To Make Budgets And Forecasting Best Practices During Uncertainty in English Language

Uncertainty can take many forms. It may manifest as a natural disaster, the deterioration of a foreign currency in which your company has operations, geopolitical changes, the merger or acquisition of a competitor, or a global pandemic. Regardless of form, uncertainty does illuminate a certain truth: companies must face volatile business conditions with nimble planning, budgeting, and forecasting.


    Basic Understanding of budgeting and forecasting.

    you can go through my other courses for basic understanding


    Introduction to the course

    Best Practice 1- Change the purpose of Budgeting

    Causes for Uncertainty in budget and forecasting

    Best Practice 2 - Budgeting for Strategic Success

    Best Practice - Keys aspects of Strategic Budgeting

    How often and how far we should do the forecasting and budgeting

    5 Principals of business planning during uncertainty

    Alternatives to Traditional Annual Budgeting Excercise

What you will learn

  • Course Curriculum And What We Will Cover

  • Why We Do Budgeting

  • Paper Exercise Or We Can Use Budgeting To Be Useful

  • Two Key Budgets And What They Contain

  • Suggestive Process Of Budgeting

  • Pre-requirements Of Budgeting

  • Three Key Components Of Budgets

  • Practical Process Of Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Basis Of Revenue Budgeting

  • Revenue Budget - Information Needed And Suggested Mythology

  • Revenue Budget - Practical Example

  • Estimating The Overall Impact Of Revenue And Setting Up Limits

  • Cost And Expenses Budget - Information Need And Suggested Methodology

  • Labor Cost Budgeting

  • Other Expenses Budgeting Process

  • Capital Expenditure Budgeting

  • Qualitative Aspects Of Budgeting

  • Marketing Budget

  • Introduction To Course Budgeting & Forecasting During Uncertainty

  • Causes Of Uncertainty In Budgeting Process

  • Change The Purpose Of Budgeting

  • Budgeting For Strategic Success

  • Keys Aspects Of Strategic Budgeting

  • How Often And How Far We Should Do The Forecasting And Budgeting

  • 5 Principals Of Business Planning During Uncertainty

  • Alternatives To Traditional Annual Budgeting Exercise

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Manish Gupta
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