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Approx 615 Hours To Complete Financial Statement Analysis- Module 1 in English Language

Basic Concepts of Financial Statement Analysis


    (i) English language as medium of instruction and communication

    (ii) Basic Graduation


    Will the notes be shared with students of this course?

    Yes. At the end of this course, each enrolled and participating student will have possession of a soft copy of Notes.

    Will there be an exam or test at the end of this course?

    Yes. Two tests. But there will not be any grading or any marking system but rather there will be an objective evaluation of the answers of each student with the intent and purpose of providing feedback and clarification to the student about their the his-her acquired level of understanding of this subject module with corrected answers.

    Will there be any certificate issued?

    No. We are not an educational institute nor are we any institutional authority to issue the certificate of participation of the course. Our purpose and intent is the conceptual clarity and imparting a beautiful learning experience alongside teaching the concept in a layman clear-lucid manner. The intent is to share the expertise, knowledge, and experience of the teacher with the students

What you will learn

  • Basic concepts in financial statements analysis comprising layman explanation of terms frequently used in this area of profession. The non-commerce graduates too can take this financial statement analysis online course in order to get themselves introduced and acquainted with terms of financial analysis. Fresh Graduates, experienced MBA aspirants, and newly-admitted MBA students belonging to the non-commerce academic background are the target audience for this course.

About the instructor

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  • Niraj Ganatra

    Qualification : Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce

    Skills :Languages,Business & Finance,Language Class,Professional Writing,Entrepreneurship,Communications,Management,Strategy,Accounting & Bookkeeping,Economics,Accounting Finance,Financial Modeling & Analysis,Investing & Trading,Personal Transformation,Leadership,Personal Finance,Self Esteem,Stress Management,Portraits,Mental Health,Meditation,Math

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 615
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 615 hours
  • Skill level 1
  • Language English

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Financial Analysis