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Approx 1 Hour To Complete Finance And Cash Management For Hospitality in English Language

Pandemic has thrown challenges on the survival of the hospitality business. Managing the cash is now key in surviving the business.

In this short, we have covered:

1. Alternative revenue-generating strategies for hospitality

2. Operation and cost management principals

3. Financial model to calculate cash management template

4. How to use it and manage your cash flows in the future

An excel template is given along with the course which you can download and use.


    Basic hotel management operations


    Fundamental and understanding concepts

    Financial model and working on the financial model

    Bonus section

What you will learn

  • Introduction and basis of projections-cash management for hotels

  • Making future plans and potential revenue generating activities

  • Operational plans that need to be looked at

  • Cost management practices at hotel and ABC system

  • Other matters before practical exercise

  • Room revenue budget template

  • F&B revenue budgeting template

  • Banquet and other operating departments

  • Headcount budget

  • Payroll and other cost budgeting

  • Other hotel operational expenses

  • Cash budgeting exercise

About the instructor

Manish Gupta
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  • Manish Gupta

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