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Approx 20 Hours To Complete Cost Accounting For Beginners in English Language

This course will assist you in seeking excellent business instruments that will help the decision-making process. You will be able to classify, identify, and evaluate different alternatives, and use critical accounting systems. You would need this course whether you are a company owner, manager, or student. This course will provide you with fantastic resources that will be much more insightful and measured for your decisions. This course for anyone who wants to learn Cost Accounting.


    • Basic knowledge of cost accounting

    • Basic knowledge of Budgeting

    • Basic knowledge of Relevant cost

    • Basic knowledge of MS Excel

    • Proper internet connection


    Q: What you will learn in this course?

    A: You will learn to identify manufacturing and non-manufacturing cost.

    Q: What background knowledge is necessary?

    A: Basic knowledge of standard cost, variable costing, and budgeting.

    Q: What are the activities covered in this course?

    A: This course will cover techniques of how to calculate Budgeting, Relevant cost etc.

What you will learn

  • Introduction

  • The Flow Of Costs

  • Process Costing

  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis

  • Variable Costing

  • Standard Costs

  • Variance Analysis

  • Performance Measurement

  • Differential Analysis - Make Informed Decision

  • Investment Analysis

  • Quick Guide

  • Question And Answer

About the instructor

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  • David Baker

    Skills :Engineering,Accounting & Tax,SEO,IT And Tech

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 12
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 20 hours
  • Skill level 1
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes

Skills You Will Acquire

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