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Approx 25 Hours To Complete The CLASS Academy Part 1 The Foundational Lessons in English Language

CLASS stands for Communication, Leadership & Social Skills; the three vital skill sets necessary for personal growth and success. Being well-spoken, well-mannered and knowing how to control your own mind are all absolutely necessary for anyone to have a successful life and career. CLASS teaches you what you should have been taught in school but were not. These simple, easy-to-understand lessons will give you the tips, tricks and principles you can use to become the best that you can be!


    This course has been taught to students from age 12 into adulthood. Ideally, it is suited for middle and high school-aged students.


    Q. What can I expect my teenager to learn from CLASS?

    A. Your teen will learn how to speak intelligently, how to think properly and how to be well-mannered and possess attractive people skills. This is the only course in existence which teaches all three. Once these core lessons are completed, you can move on to CLASS Continued which teaches more advanced lessons and topics, building upon the principles of the three core lessons


    The CLASS Academy consists of three separate courses, Communications, Leadership and Social Skills. All three skill sets are pivotal and necessary for anyone in order to build self-confidence, self-awareness, improve one's speaking skills and learn how to successfully interact with others. Each section contains the "Core Competencies" necessary in order to graduate on to the CLASS Continued course, which consists of regularly scheduled lessons which are built upon these Core Lessons.

What you will learn




About the instructor

Brian Haggerty
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  • Brian

    Skills :Personal Development

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Course Rating

Daniel Maurer

Hello everybody i have just completed this course and i cant tell you enough how much it helped me becoming a much skilled and well spoken person. It also teached me how to respond in a good manner and how to act and speak even under new conditions! And this is just the beginning of the CLASS Programm.

Fernanda Araujo

The Class Academy course is the perfect fit for someone looking to enhance their communications skills. Besides learning the best tips from an experienced professor, you will also learn the fundamentals of communication which helps to create a knowledge base to understand the whole process. The course is enjoyable since the animation keeps you engaged and time flies. Brian also teaches with a sense of humor which makes it easier to understand and remember the class content.

Puneet Rai

Great Course

Candace Hawkins

This course is chock-full of helpful hints to forge personal rapport for professional and social relationships. Listening to the classes three times really helps you absorb all of the helpful tricks and hints but the instructor gives to help you improve your social, communication, and leadership skills to build your solid foundation of classic etiquette.

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 3
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 25 Hours
  • Skill level ForAll
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Manners
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Drama, theatre, public speaking,