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Approx 8 Hours To Complete Build Your Coaching Practice The Right Way in English Language

You've done lots of coach training, but none of these showed you how to build your coaching practice.
It's Time To Change That!
Starting your coaching practice was easy. Building a sustainable practice is a different story.

I've seen the frustrations that coaches go through when they are starting out. The knock backs and the challenges they face in getting clients. It wastes time and energy, and often demotivates.

Over $1,500 of value included.
Live in person training 4 x 2hour sessions.


    Anyone starting, building or growing a coaching practice.

    A coaching practice has two key elements Getting clients and Coaching them.

    Within these two areas are multiple sub-functions which many coaches miss and it's why they don't succeed.

    This course is designed with you in mind by someone who's been there and has trained many coaches to do the same.

    Whether you are a Business coach, a Leadership coach or a Life coach this is the difference between coaching as a hobby or a profession.


    This Is NOT A How To Coach Certification Program.

    We're not going to pretty up your office wall with another certificate.

    It's NOT A Get Rich Quick Course.

    No magic pills and no promises of 6 figures overnight

    It's NOT One Where You Can Sit Back And Watch.

    Do the work and build it the right way and you'll be successful.

    Don't Wish It Was Easier, Wish You Were Better.

    The word YOU is the key here. Believe in yourself by knowing you have done everything to be ready.


    You started coaching because you believed in your ability to help people. Whether it's business owners or executives you know how to call them out on their B.S. You know how to push them to do their best. You know how to be the coach!

    You've done the training and you got your certification. You are able to ask powerful questions to help them breakthrough their barriers and limiting beliefs. You know you are going to be an awesome coach.

    All you need now is enough paying clients.

What you will learn

  • Download And Read The Book - Free ($13.50)

  • You Are The Key To Your Success

  • Get Your AccuMatch Map - Value $497

  • Business Intelligence Foundation

  • Laser Focus Creates Clarity For You And Your Prospective Clients

  • Sustainability Is About Keeping Clients And Getting Referrals.

About the instructor

Nagui Bihelek
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  • NaguiB

    Skills :Business & Finance

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  • Duration 8 hours
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  • Language English
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