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Approx 6 Hours To Complete Best Online Photoshop Classes in English Language

This is a definitive Photoshop training class that will take you from beginner to capable Photoshop user right away by any means. I present the best strategies that require insignificant exertion yet produce most extreme outcomes. The objective is to figure out how to plan incredible glancing sites in Photoshop. Through this course you'll discover how to turn into a successful designer. Figure out how to make your work process more effective so you can invest less energy finishing ventures.


    - No prior knowledge or experience with Photoshop is required

    - If you have Photoshop installed, that is great. If not, I will teach you how to get it on your computer.

    - Students should have a copy of Adobe Photoshop to follow along. We will be teaching using version CC (Creative Cloud), but any version will be fine.


    Q: Can you make a career out of Photoshop?

    A: Of course, you can make a career in Photoshop. The different area you may work as a full-time Photoshop player. UI Designer (i.e. for App/Website UI design) OR you may work in modern tool for UI/UX like AdobeXD, Sketch, Figma, etc.

    Q: How do I become a photo editor?

    A: Many employers require a bachelor degree in photojournalism, visual arts, photography, or a similar field to be a photo editor.

What you will learn

  • Design Icons, Business Cards, Illustrations, And Characters

  • Clean Up Face Imperfections, Improve And Repair Photos

  • Use Creative Effects To Design Stunning Text Styles

  • Remove People Or Objects From Photos

  • Cutaway A Person From Their Background

  • Master Selections, Layers, And Working With The Layers Panel

  • Learn All The Different Kind Of Selection Techniques

  • Master Masking To Be Able To Seamlessly Combine Images Together

  • Learn How To Retouch Photos Like A Pro

  • Understand The Differences And Pros/cons Between Different Image File Formats

  • Learn Useful Keyboard Shortcuts And Best Practices

  • Learn Photoshop From The Very Beginning The Way A Professional Would Use It

About the instructor

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  • Erin Keith

    Skills :Graphics,Personal Well Being,Web Designing,Comprehensive Exams

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    Course Features

  • Lectures 12
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Skill level 2
  • Language English
  • Assessments Yes

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Designing