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Approx 8 Hours To Complete All About Economics in English Language

Ever considered what Economics is about? Possibly, you are simply an inquisitive grown-up who needs to discover more.
Well this course is for you! There will be more talks included as the quantity of understudies develops, just as facilitated conversations and chances to demand exercises on different ideas not secured at this point!

• The basic definition of Economics
• Economics study
• Importance of Economics
• The 2 branches of Economics


    You will require a PC, tablet or cell phone to see this course and work through it.


    Q: Who can learn this course?

    A: Anyone interested in learning the foundations of economics as a course.

    Q. How can history help us today?

    A. History matters because it helps us as individuals and as societies to understand why our societies are the way they are and what they value.

    Q. What was special about World War 1?

    A. World War 1 was the first war in an industrialized age. New weapons and vehicles were used in this war that had never been used before.

What you will learn

  • Welcome To Economics!

  • Choice In A World Of Scarcity

  • Demand And Supply

  • Labor And Financial Markets

  • Elasticity

  • Consumer Choices

  • Cost And Industry Structure

  • Perfect Competition

  • Monopoly

  • Monopolistic Competition And Oligopoly

  • Monopoly And Antitrust Policy

  • Environmental Protection And Negative Externalities

  • Positive Externalities And Public Goods

  • Poverty And Economic Inequality

  • Issues In Labor Markets: Unions, Discrimination, Immigration

  • Information, Risk, And Insurance

  • Financial Markets

  • Public Economy

  • The Macroeconomic Perspective

  • Economic Growth

  • Unemployment

  • Inflation

  • The International Trade And Capital Flows

  • The Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply Model

  • The Keynesian Perspective

  • The Neoclassical Perspective

  • Money And Banking

  • Monetary Policy And Bank Regulation

  • Exchange Rates And International Capital Flows

  • Government Budgets And Fiscal Policy

  • The Impacts Of Government Borrowing

  • Macroeconomic Policy Around The World

  • International Trade

  • Globalization And Protectionism

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Skills You Will Acquire

  • Economics
  • Business Economics