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Integrated Online Employee Training Platform For Corporate Clients

Train your employees no matter where you are

  • Simplify your training

    Create online training webinars and LMS courses for corporate learning in minutes.

  • Complete control over your content

    Full customization and complete control over your corporate e-learning platform with your company name on it.

  • Sell your courses

    Sell your company courses on our platform.

  • Real world like classrooms

    Run your training sessions more efficiently with our Virtual Classrooms.

  • Personalized learning portals

    When your employee logs on to Edusity platform they will be able to see the courses they signed up for and their progress.

Shift from Traditional On-Site Training to an E-Learning Platform for Companies

Put your employees in the driver's seat

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    On their terms
    • Online training delivered on their schedule
    • Available 24/7/365
    • Flexible learning options
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    Real-word scenario simulations
    • Create task-based simulation
    • Challenge the learner with branching scenario
    • Help employees with their problem-solving skills
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    Enhance Employee Engagement
    • Use our online quizzes and polls
    • Online exams with immediate feedback
    • Online whiteboards
    • Public and private instant messaging options
    • Emoji use
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    Blended Learning
    • Mix LMS Courses with instructor-led virtual webinars
    • Enhance corporate training effectiveness
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    Cost-effective learning methods
    • Reduce logistics and transportation costs
    • Increase ROI by blending digital and traditional learning

Employees would stay longer if the company invested in their education.*1


Employees feel that they are not achieving their full potential at work.*2


Employees Cost
of Ineffective Training.*3


Employees prefer to learn at their own pace.*4

How can I use Edusity for my training needs?

Develop critical technical and business skills

    According to 2019 Payscale Report*, 59% of employers will use training as a Number 2 tool to retain employees. Employers often find in-person training costly - travel costs can add up, plus employee time away from work may result in falling behind in completion of projects. While it does cost money to train your employees, that training is essential in the future of your company and employee development. Online training can help mitigate the high costs.

    Benefits of online training:
  • Reduced costs
  • Investing into employee training helps develop employees
  • Increasing employee value and diverse set of skills
  • Improve employee retention by investing in ongoing training
  • Online training can help with increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Ensure employees stay up to date with industry standard practices

Onboarding and Awareness Training

Efficient onboarding training will help new hires to assimilate into the organizational culture. It allows you to quickly get technology into the hands of new employees. Our virtual corporate training solution helps keep participants engaged and connected. Online training can help you build brand awareness from the start.

Edusity can help your new hires learn about the company's history, brand message, and corporate culture before they enter the workplace.

Train your clients

Client training focuses on delivering quality training to those external to your business. Traditional in-classroom training often falls short, doesn't deliver expected benefits and can be very expensive. Edusity platform allows you to create self-paced and personalized training sessions for your customers. Online training can help deliver most optimal training program to your clients to improve their experience and reduce churn rates.

Benefits of customer training:
  • Increase product engagement rates
  • Successfully onboard more customers
  • Create an opportunity to upsell
  • Helps you understand customer journey
  • Reduce strain on sales support team

Disclaimer: Above numbers and percentage are taken from some external sources for reference purpose. *1 | *2 | *3 | *4

What Clients Say

“Future Black Female creates opportunities for Black female youth to fully participate in every aspect of society. Edusity was on-board with our mission and purpose from the moment we were introduced. Their platform supports the delivery of our program events to maximize participation and participant voice.”


“Tutor Doctor knows that students face challenges and learn to overcome them with hard work and determination. Edusity showed us our own values by dedicating themselves to our business with a determination to meet the unique demands of virtual tutoring.”


Cyber Host Education needed a platform partner that understood exactly what was required to bring instructors and students together with the highest degree of interactivity. Edusity is that partner for our company.


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