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Steam Works


Steam Works is focused towards fostering and developing essential 21st Century and STEAM skills like Problem-Solving, Critical thinking, Creativity and Collaboration in a hands-on and practical but fun learning environment.




Seneca believes in creating great student experiences that provide enriching learning opportunities — both inside and outside of the classroom.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor


Tutor Doctor's treats every student as a unique individual. They create an academic game plan for student and coach them to achieve academic success.

Walk in Virtual Clinics


Provides patients from across Canada virtual access to medical expertise. They provide both basic services and some advanced care.


Mastermind pds


Mastermind Professional Development Services Limited is a Hongkong-based professional development company, founded in 2019 by Prof Shah Kabir.


Future Black Female


Future Black Female is a feminist-informed organization that mobilizes Black female youth ages 16-22 to rise up and pursue better outcomes in every area of life and society.


Cyber Host Education


Live and self-paced courses for students of all ages and abilities. Explore opportunities to upgrade skills, enhance existing knowledge, and obtain new qualifications.

Our Current Re-seller Partners

  • logo-1.png uaeflg
    Cyber Host Education

    Edusity’s exclusive re-seller in the UAE is Cyber Host Education. The company offers live and self-paced courses for students of all ages and abilities. They can help your organization do the same.

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    MyCity Solutions Inc

    My City Solutions Inc is Edusity’s re-seller in Nigeria. The company is experienced in the development of internet platforms, web sites, and apps. Contact them in Abuja at

  • move-my-city.png mexicon-flag
    Disruptin LTD

    Our re-seller in Mexico is a Disruptin Ltd., a business dedicated to bringing the best of Europe and North America’s technologies to businessess around the world.

Edusity Re-Seller Benefits

  • 1 Take the Lead on Pricing We are transparent in informing re-sellers how much Edusity packages cost us to provide. You can earn commissions of 10% to 20% based on our pricing model and determine your own pricing based on your knowledge of your market.
  • 2 Negotiate Your Territory Do you know the expression “it’s better to date before you get married”? We’ll work together for six months to see how we work together. If targets are met and everyone is happy with the arrangement, we’re open to negotiating exclusive regional rights.
  • 3 Respect for Your Relationships Edusity understands the trust you’ve built with your network of clients and contacts. Our re-sellers maintain complete control of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and gets involved only when you ask us to.
  • 4 Flexible Support and Service Once your customers are using our platform, you decide who will give them support and how. You might provide it yourself in-house, or choose to use our centralized service and support model.

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Edusity serves a wide range of international clients through our e-learning platform.
Become a re-seller and expand the reach of a flexible, robust and fully-customizable platform to meet every business' learning and development needs.

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