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Edusity’s online course hosting platform allows you to cross the geographical boundaries and share your knowledge with students around the world.


Are you an expert in your field and want to teach others? Are you looking for an affordable platform to create your courses, deliver great quality content and engage with your students?

At Edusity, our goal is to create a community of subject matter experts and teachers who can create and deliver high-quality courses to students around the world. We provide integrative technology facilitating live webinar classes and online tutorials. Overcome the hassle of traditional classrooms and share your knowledge with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

How Teaching Works

Create your course

  • Create your own course in simple, easy steps. Choose between two styles of courses. You can choose the language you want to teach in, the start and end dates and the time frame that works best for you.
  • Build a community with Edusity. Share your course on social media channels with your friends and family and invite them to take your course. Ask us about referral program for your friends and family.

Host your live webinar

  • Ready to teach? Start your live webinar at the time you selected and your students will join in.
  • Use our interactive whiteboard to share PowerPoint, documents, and demonstrate concepts.
  • Chat with students, start polls to gauge their understanding and see if a student raises their hand with a question.

Engage your students

  • Create quizzes and exams for your students that can be taken immediately after your webinar ends.
  • Connect with students in public and private chats for those that are less comfortable with public interaction.
  • Use our webcam feature to allow for a more personal classroom experience where your students can see their teacher.

From The Edusity Community

Here’s what our teachers and students have to say.


Create a course today and share your knowledge online while getting paid.

    Reach More Students

    Enrich your students’ knowledge using one of the best online teaching platforms out there.

  • Students choose courses that suit their time and interest. Easy, engaging live webinars allow for more interactive classes.
  • Recognize their hard work with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
  • Live webinars are saved for students to view later.
Why Choose Edusity

You get paid for your courses. It is easy to earn while sharing your knowledge with your students.

It gives you flexibility. You choose your time and duration of your course to your convenience.

We provide integrative, easy-to-use technology that allows you to interact with your students and focus on sharing your knowledge with them.

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